Champions of Ildur

Healing Marakesh: Karadas

Bruised and battered, we finally made it to Karadas.

After a bit of searching we found the Golden Inn and met Darren the innkeeper. We handed him the note from the brewhouse and went into the town to shop. We encountered an old man searching for his daughter, however when we told him that we didn’t know her, he took out his knife and stabbed himself in the stomach. I tried to heal him, but unfortunately his injuries were way too severe.

After that shocking display, we decided to go back to the Golden Inn and have a drink. However, when we got there, Darren said there were some people in the basement that wanted to talk to us. We deliberated and decided to go down together. Much to our surprise though, it was trap. The doors locked behind us and we were now in a basement with a handful of White Hand guards.

Once again Zhulf was nearly taken out in the initial attack. I was able to heal him up and protect him while he recovered. Kraack, Gustavous, Cher and Orek were able to deal with the guards. Kraack was nearly killed but somehow he was able slay the majority of the guards. Cher was an unstoppable force and evaded most of the attacks, but unfortunately Zhulf shot and ended up incapacitating her with an arrow straight in the anus.

I don’t know what got into me, but I was able to kill one of the guards with my mace. Somehow his face just exploded into a bloody mess when I whacked him.

We haven’t figured out how to get out of the basement yet, Kraack keeps throwing Zhulf’s bear-trap at the door, but it’s not budging.

Healing Marakesh: And so we move on...

After a very long night full of blood and decapitations, when we thought certainly there wouldn’t be anymore surprises, we met a half-elf named Cher Eeju Bali. As chance would have it, Cher knew some of the leaders of the rebellion, so we went ahead and filled her in on the events that happened earlier that night.

I was still a bit weary from the battle, but from what I can remember Daven had a letter for his brother Darren which told us that the rebellion’s new location had been moved to the Golden Inn at Karadas.

We met a band of dwarves led by Brightjet that were traveling to Karadas. Zhulf, Gustavous and myself bartered with them and we were able to hitch a ride to Karadas with them.

About halfway to Karadas we were ambushed by a group of White Hand Guards. Zhulf was critically injured in the ambush, but I was able to revive him quickly and heal him back up. Gustavous, Cher, Kraack, and Orek were able to take down the guards. Notable points included Gustavous spraying rainbow goo on one guard incapacitating him for the duration of the battle. Kraack as usual completely ripped apart the wizards and archers. Cher made quick work of the warriors and even stabbed one through the eye which i found oddly attractive.

We grilled Brightjet pretty hard on why he didn’t help us, but unfortunately we were unable to figure out how the White Hand knew our whereabouts. We sold the wares that we found from the White Hand guards to Brightjet for a modest sum and continued on to Karadas.

Healing Marakesh: Ramblings from an aspiring cleric

After many nights of travel, I finally find refuge at the very questionable Burgeoning Brewhouse. Unbeknownst to me, I found myself in the midst of a revolution.

We were introduced to Sabrina, Corbin, and Lela, the three Aasimar, as well as Ilkas, the Tengu.
As part of the plot to assassinate the king, Kraack, Gustaveous, Zhulf, Orek, and I were assigned to guard the southern portcullis while an unnamed in-man guides Sabrina, Corbin, Lela and Ilkas through the castle to the throne room.

We were given White Hand uniforms to look like the group of guards that normally watches the southern portcullis.

During the night before the start of the revolution, Sabrina was murdered in her room. The murderer is as of yet unidentified.

During the search of the room, we found an amulet. Gustavous and I both think there is something important about the amulet, but can’t recall what it is. Maybe it belongs to someone you know?

While trying to figure out who was responsible for the murder, two white hand guards show up, having heard the excess noise and movement in the inn. We failed miserably at trying to convince the guards that nothing suspicious is going on.

- Gustaveous tried multiple times to freeze the guard
- We tried to convince them that we were trying to get a drunk half-orc from off the roof
- Zhulf tried to distract the guard by talking about his weapons
- Orek snuck around outside
- I tried to hide the body and impersonate as a woman
- Zhulf put a bear trap at the bottom of the stairs

The guards, knowing something suspicious is happening, pick through the room and find the room full of blood where Sabrina was killed. They draw their weapons in an attempt to bring the whole group in, and the party kills the guards

- I got rocked pretty hard by the guard, Krack makes it back inside and slices him nearly in half
- Krack rages for awhile
- Zhulf makes it upstairs to the room where Gustaveous is attempting to freeze the guard
- Krack (or Zhulf) chop off the leg of the other guard


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