Champions of Ildur

Healing Marakesh: Karadas

Bruised and battered, we finally made it to Karadas.

After a bit of searching we found the Golden Inn and met Darren the innkeeper. We handed him the note from the brewhouse and went into the town to shop. We encountered an old man searching for his daughter, however when we told him that we didn’t know her, he took out his knife and stabbed himself in the stomach. I tried to heal him, but unfortunately his injuries were way too severe.

After that shocking display, we decided to go back to the Golden Inn and have a drink. However, when we got there, Darren said there were some people in the basement that wanted to talk to us. We deliberated and decided to go down together. Much to our surprise though, it was trap. The doors locked behind us and we were now in a basement with a handful of White Hand guards.

Once again Zhulf was nearly taken out in the initial attack. I was able to heal him up and protect him while he recovered. Kraack, Gustavous, Cher and Orek were able to deal with the guards. Kraack was nearly killed but somehow he was able slay the majority of the guards. Cher was an unstoppable force and evaded most of the attacks, but unfortunately Zhulf shot and ended up incapacitating her with an arrow straight in the anus.

I don’t know what got into me, but I was able to kill one of the guards with my mace. Somehow his face just exploded into a bloody mess when I whacked him.

We haven’t figured out how to get out of the basement yet, Kraack keeps throwing Zhulf’s bear-trap at the door, but it’s not budging.



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