• Bram Ironhelm

    Bram Ironhelm

    Quirky and over-prepared, Bram Ironhelm is a cleric who has found himself involved with a rag-tag group of dwarves, a half- orc, and a human.
  • Cher Eeju Bali

    Cher Eeju Bali

    Cher is a young adult half-elf with a trouble-maker's reputation. She is an attractive wiley rogue who is known for using seductive reasoning and charisma to get what she wants.
  • Gustavous


    Balding and just a bit eccentric, Gustavous is a powerful wizard clocked in unassuming garb. Slender and tall, he stands out amoungst the darwves of his traveling party.


    "i am hug leik oak trie." - Kraaack
  • Zhulf Blackhammer

    Zhulf Blackhammer

    Dwarf Trophy Hunter (Ranger)