Bram Ironhelm

Quirky and over-prepared, Bram Ironhelm is a cleric who has found himself involved with a rag-tag group of dwarves, a half- orc, and a human.


Along the side of the Ironback mountains, Clan Ironhelm settled near the trading town of Belfalas. The Ironhelms nestled themselves into the mountain chamber of Menegeroth where the clan is the major provider for weapons and armor for the nearby town.

In Mengeroth is where we meet Bram, a young, quirky dwarf cleric. Bram is about 3’4", which is the average height for a dwarf. Bram has brown hair, a modest brown beard (though his father would say it’s not long enough), and brown eyes. Most of the time Bram looks well-put together for an Ironhelm, however his attire makes him stick out like a sore thumb when he returns to dusty chambers of Menegeroth.

Unfortunately, Bram, son of Briggs, has never been very good at creating weapons or armor. Bram has always wanted to live up to the Ironhelm name, however he was never able to mold metal like his brothers Gram and Kram. Briggs always pushed Bram to be like his brothers, however Bram found himself healing all of the injured dwarves that found themselves cleaning the fire pit in the great hall while it was still ablaze. Determined to become the best healer in the Ironback mountains, Bram traveled to the seminary outside of Belfalas to seek additional training.

Around the time Bram was finishing seminary, he heard of the uprising of Lord Carrinor and the coup on Lord Elix. Word made its way through all of Marekesh that a revolution was coming and that healers were desperately needed. Bram felt that this was his opportunity to bring glory to Clan Ironhelm so he headed to towards the capital in search of the revolution leaders.

Bram Ironhelm

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