Orek Giacomo


In the valley of Zan Ferdinand, Orek Giacomo, began his path of defending the good and righteous, by way of martial arts. At an early age, Orek found himself using his fists as a means of dealing with the trouble that came his way. Bullies, ruffians, hoodlums, were common in Orek’s daily life. He faced them often, but not without consequence. A few scrapes and bruises here and there, nothing too serious. Until the day he came home to his widowed mother, Felise Giacomo, with a large gash across his torso. A change was needed.

Orek realized the grave dangers to the way of the fist, but it was all he knew. The Giacomo’s gardener, Mr. Miyago, a wise, humble old dwarf, mentored him in martial arts. It was in martial arts that Orek began using his mind, as well as his fists. However, his mitts would only get him so far in the valley. He would eventually meet his most challenging opponent yet. A blond haired dwarf belonging to a local karate gang, began threatening he and his family. Orek did not take the threats lightly and confronted the blonde dwarf in combat. Orek defeated the bully with a mantis like kick. He was triumphant, but trouble lingered. The bully’s father, a powerful business man by the name of Carrinor, discovered Orek’s actions and demand he leave the valley or he and his mother would soon face death. Life in the valley was over for Orek.

He left the valley for his mother’s former village, Karak-Drak. There Orek found work as a peace keeper at a local brewery. Monks, they called these peace keepers. They were believers in fine ales and the holy temple of the brewery. There he often dealt with thieves and drunks in the best way he knew how. FISTS. Over many years, Orek made a livelihood from work at the brewery, until Goblins came and destroyed it. Orek observed the destruction from a distance. The village people mourned and word got around that the Goblins were a group employed by the now Emperor of Marakesh, Lord Carrinor. Orek overheard that the Goblins went to many of the local villages and destroyed everything in their path. They had just come from Zan Ferdinand and left no survivors. Orek’s mother and his old mentor had been killed by the Goblins. Orek wanted justice to be served to the Goblins and everyone involved in their wrong doing, including their employer, Lord Carrinor.

Orek Giacomo

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