Zhulf Blackhammer

Dwarf Trophy Hunter (Ranger)


A weathered Dwarf Ranger from the peaks of Ironback Mountains.

Zhulf is tall for a dwarf, at 3’ 8" – broad shouldered and sturdy. His Ice blue eyes gaze piercingly through his blue-grey hooded cloak. He has the look of a dwarf who has spent considerable time outside of the holds and mines of his people. A long scar runs down from his right check ending in his silver-white beard – which is tied into a long singular knot.

Though his scar and weathered skin give off a stern look, his rosy cheeks and jovial demeanor make Zhulf seem just as likely to be telling tales at a tavern hearthfire as roaming the wild Ironback Mountains.

He wears a traditional kilt which is adorned with the tartan of Clan Blackhammer, a mix of blue greys and muted green.

Hates goblins, loves ale, axes and anything with black powder.



High in the peaks of the Ironback Mountains Clan Blackhammer made its home at Karak-Drak , a trading post between many Human and Dwarf settlements. Though still technically a jarldom of High King Olim Ironhelm the Blackhammers enjoy a good deal of autonomy, as their dealings with humans bring in many valuable human trade goods.

From masonry to Dwarven forged weapons, the humans often barter and frequent at Karak-Drak. One of the most surprising exports of the region is the famed Drakenbeard Stout (XXX). The Brewery itself, which many Dwarves consider a hold in and of itself, is a great source of pride (and income the Dwarves will remind you). 6 Months ago a goblin war-band emerged from the surrounding forest and laid waste to the famed brewery. A local hunter, Zhulf Blackhammer witnessed the massacre and was helpless to repel the numerically superior goblins. Quickly and silently Zhulf made his way back to the main settlement at Karak-Drak where a host of Dwarven soldiers were dispatched to drive off the goblins.

Though the goblins were eventually driven off – a mighty blow had been struck.
Drakenbeard Brewery lay in ruins, and much of the ale carted into the dark forest. This attack would be drawn into the book of grudges (grudge #42,601 to be exact). Swearing vengeance upon all goblin kind, Zhulf spent the following months hunting rogue goblins in the Ironback Mountians. It was here that he came upon 2 fellow Dwarves on their way to the not-so distant city of Marakesh, there perhaps he could find information about the Goblins that decimated the beloved brewery.

Zhulf Blackhammer

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