The Kingdom of Marakesh and its surrounding lands have a glorious history within Ildur. For centuries, the kingdom has been ruled by the wise and powerful Aasimar, a charismatic race born of humans with celestial heritage.

In most parts of the world, these beings are extremely rare, but are far more plentiful within the lands of Marakesh for reasons known to no one. Historically, when a ruler of Marakesh passes, all Aasimar within the surrounding lands assemble at the Castle Marakesh and elect a new leader from among them, since there is no specific “bloodline” to accompany a given line of Aasimar (two Aasimar parents are no more likely to bear an Aasimar child than are two human parents; in all likelihood, the child will be thoroughly human).

Throughout history, Marakesh has been known as a devoutly peaceful kingdom, never entering a war that was not thrust upon them by would-be aggressors from other lands. Conversely, however, the Marakesh military force is as-of-yet undefeated in combat, due to its extremely well-trained and loyal military forces, typically lead by Aasimar (or humans of great military accomplishment).

Unfortunately, much of this history is threatened to be undone by Lord Carrinor, who five years ago usurped the throne from Lord Elix and is systematically wiping out the Aasimar in order to quell any challenge against the sanctity of his rule. Although he has not yet done so, rumor has it that he is planning to use the military might of Marakesh to expand its borders through force.


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